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Davina Da Vegan
Nov 1st 2022, 12:57PM
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Here’s a little recipe to celebrate today! It was my first time making Kung Po sauce. It turned out wonderfully, and was a perfect companion for fresh Hericium Mushroom (which is not the easiest to find in the supermarket!) and over a bed of quinoa. It was super easy to put together and I’m learning that this is the key to help more Malaysians to get started, compared to sharing super elaborate recipes that are breathtaking to look at but too intimidating to attempt πŸ™ˆ I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! You are welcome to replace the mushroom with Eryngii, Tofu or Tempeh.

Serves 1-2

🌱200g fresh hericium mushroom, torn into bite-sized pieces
🌱2-4 cloves garlic
🌱1/2 a small onion
🌱2cm stem of fresh ginger
🌱1 tbsp roasted peanut, roughly pounded into chunks
🌱Spring onion for garnishing
🌱1 tbsp cooking oil

For the SAUCE:
🌱2 tbsp light soy sauce
🌱2 tbsp dark soy sauce
🌱2 pieces of dried chilli, rehydrated for 15 minutes in water and cut into 1-inch pieces
🌱1 tsp brown rice vinegar
🌱1/2 tsp brown sugar
🌱1 tsp potato starch (you can sub with cornstarch)
🌱1/4 cup drinking water

In a pan, heat up cooking oil on medium heat.
In the meantime, mix together sauce ingredients.
Throw in garlic, onion and ginger and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes.
Add mushroom and stir occasionally for 2 minutes or until the pieces start to brown and char at the edges.
Slowly pour in sauce mixture and turn off the heat. Stir all ingredients until the sauce thickens evenly.
Serve with a sprinkle of peanuts and chopped spring onion on top. See less
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