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Sep 27th 2016, 8:54PM
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One of my favorite soups boiled by my mum, Wolfberry soup!

The Wolfberry leaves and fruits give the soup a clear and sweet taste, while the fluffy egg adds a smooth texture to the soup, melting in the mouth with each sip.

The soft, sweet carrot and turnip slices are nice to chew too!
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MarionSeow   Sep 27th 2016 at 10:38PM
枸杞叶..after I translate, now baru tahu, in malaysia also got this kind of leaf, I think from China right ?
PiggyLovesToEat   Sep 28th 2016 at 12:31AM
Today my mom's soup also got wolfberries and carrots haha! But the veggie is watercress hehe.
ZhePierre   Sep 28th 2016 at 11:16AM
Love this too. But my mom is at hometown nobody to cook for me 😢
FatJedi   Sep 28th 2016 at 9:00PM
@Piggy: I love watercress too, so soft and nice to eat both as stir fried vege and soup!
FatJedi   Sep 28th 2016 at 9:01PM
@ZhePierre: Time to make more frequent trips back to home town! 😄
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