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Sandalo Healthy Vegetarian
31, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama , 47400 Petaling Jaya, S..
Jan 11th 2017, 10:09PM
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Ginger bean bag rice. Love the mashed ginger that melts in the mouth and leaves a slightly spicy fragrance!

The RM 18.90 bento set comes with steamed tomato in special plum sauce, fried spring roll, cold taufoo with minced "meat", Wolfberry soup, and a bowl of brown rice.

They also served a tiny welcome drink of special plum juice, made with some "secret recipe"! The tomato is soaked in the same juice as well.
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JiLeShiJie   Jan 12th 2017 at 4:41PM
I want to try the dishes in this new restaurant!
FatJedi   Jan 12th 2017 at 4:46PM
Must try! The variety is nice, and feels a bit like BMS. The options are mostly oriental for now, don't think they have western ones yet
SunnyYoNg   Jan 14th 2017 at 7:49PM
Is this new restaurant? Gonna try it out, hehe.. the bento looks good.
FatJedi   Jan 14th 2017 at 7:50PM
Yup! Just opened a few days only. Some menu items are still not available though 😄
SunnyYoNg   Jan 14th 2017 at 7:52PM
Ooh no rush then. Wait till they have more items hahha
FatJedi   Jan 14th 2017 at 8:01PM
Yup! It's a bit pricey though, each rice or noodles is at least RM17 or more.
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 15th 2017 at 7:20PM
So inside the bean bag has ginger?
FatJedi   Jan 17th 2017 at 8:09PM
The mashed ginger is the dark green stuff on top... Inside is the thin crispy fuzhuk. Good thing I like is you can add more mashed ginger from their sauce counter!
PiggyLovesToEat   Jan 19th 2017 at 1:58PM
Oh, so it's like ginger chicken but vegetarian version.
FatJedi   Jan 25th 2017 at 12:32PM
Yup. The nice ginger makes a lot of difference!
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