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Middle Eastern Flavors
Arabesque   -   Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Mar 22nd 2017, 10:29PM
PiggyLovesToEat,  Lindsey like this    

Totally love this Baba Ghanouj, didn't know it can taste so heavenly!

Mashed eggplant blended with tahina, olive oil and I think some vinegar and spices, this smooth creamy dish is perfect for dipping bread.

Did you know that the Arabic term means "pampered papa"? I definitely feel very pampered after eating this haha.

Will be back for more. Must definitely try this if you go there!
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FatJedi   Mar 22nd 2017 at 10:57PM
Very far for me too haha.... but definitely worth the journey!
Lindsey   Mar 22nd 2017 at 11:45PM
Ohh I want to try this! Best to take the train to go there.
FatJedi   Mar 22nd 2017 at 11:50PM
@SzeLS: Good idea... and I wish I can tapau back a whole barrel of this!
CwenYeohXiwen   Mar 26th 2017 at 7:53PM
Hahahaha now you tried it too!
FatJedi   Mar 27th 2017 at 8:30PM
@Cwen: Yup, finally got to try their nice food... Will go there again to try other dishes!
CwenYeohXiwen   Mar 27th 2017 at 8:31PM
Their falafel is amazing too~ as good as nugget~
FatJedi   Mar 27th 2017 at 8:32PM
Yup, I saw they have a few nice falafel options. Wish I stayed nearer!
JaseyGoh   Apr 10th 2017 at 3:18PM
Izit contain garlic/onion?
CwenYeohXiwen   Apr 10th 2017 at 3:39PM
Jasey, most probably got.
FatJedi   Apr 10th 2017 at 4:04PM
Hi Jasey, sorry I'm not too sure... maybe you can give the shop a call to enquire 😀
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