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BMS Organics
37, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21 / 60, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya
Nov 4th 2015, 9:02PM
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Stir fried lion's mane mushroom, with plenty of my favorite onions and crispy curry leaves. A bit dry though, would be good if there was some sauce.
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KumareshBatumalai   Nov 5th 2015 at 6:26AM
Didn't realize they had this on the menu.
FatJedi   Nov 5th 2015 at 10:16AM
It's actually on an add-on piece of menu featuring some new sets and side dishes
KumareshBatumalai   Nov 5th 2015 at 7:59PM
I'm trying it out today, but at the Atria outlet using Groupon voucher.
AmandaPan   Nov 5th 2015 at 8:04PM
Seems like very fragrant with the curry leaves!
KumareshBatumalai   Nov 5th 2015 at 8:53PM
Loved the garnish, but the mushrooms would have tasted better with some marinate. Even a slap of turmeric and a dash of salt would have done the job.
FatJedi   Nov 5th 2015 at 11:18PM
Yup.. I'd have preferred some sauce as well!
JoeyLee   Nov 6th 2015 at 10:48AM
I think the best lion mane mushroom is still the one eco life is using in their Bal kit teh or the simple life deep fried lion mane mushroom. Coz on its own it's really bland Coz I've bought the non marinated n marinated version.
KumareshBatumalai   Nov 6th 2015 at 11:03AM
There's a vegetarian stall in Brickfields that sells curry lion mane mushroom every Tuesday. But portions are small although tasty, and you got to pay extra, probably even more expensive that your average restaurant.
FatJedi   Nov 6th 2015 at 9:09PM
Thanks for the recommendations, Joey & Kumaresh. Must go and try them!
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