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Vege Town Vege Restaurant
Jul 5th 2015, 7:55PM
FatJedi,  Zhiling,  PiggyLovesToEat like this    
"4 tai tin Wong ! " petai , long beans , ladyfingers , brinjals. My mom love this so much. Coz it's very appetizing
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PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 5th 2015 at 9:49PM
Got two types of long beans?
FatJedi   Jul 6th 2015 at 1:38AM
One of my favorite Vege dishes!
JoeyLee   Jul 6th 2015 at 11:48AM
Hahaha oops I meant to day long beans and ladyfingers. I repeated it lol.
JoeyLee   Jul 6th 2015 at 11:48AM
Haha yeah me too but I wish they put in more petai. Kekeke
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 6th 2015 at 1:13PM
We just had this last Fri lunch, but everyone is reluctant to eat that petai, cause scared of the bad breath afterwards haha!
JoeyLee   Jul 6th 2015 at 5:09PM
Lol. Petai is actually very good for health despite a it's smell.
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 7th 2015 at 11:14AM
Lol, I actually not that fancy petai too haha... I will only eat when it's cooked with ha mai sambal lol!
JoeyLee   Jul 7th 2015 at 11:55AM
I know the after effect ain't that pleasant but knowing how good it's for the body I will eat more
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