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A Delicious KindMoment..
Dec 17th 2018, 6:10PM
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Vegetarian Noodle soup
(Ah May's Style)

Usually I will cook noodle soup when it is raining day or whenever I want something soupy or light for the day. The ingredients that I found in my fridge and I just use them to cook for the family.

Here is what I used and amount is up to your perference:

1) Cai Sim (veggies)
2) Bean Sprouts
3) sliced ham (air fry it)
4) Vegetarian Sotong Ball ( that is what I have in the fridge)
5) Shitake mushroom sliced
6) Chinese Parsley (optional)

Soup base :
1) Woh Hup Concentrated mushrooms stock (can be purchase in Singapore NTUC)
2) Salt
3) White Pepper

Main Ingredients:
1) Noodles ( I use one and half packet for 2 adults and 2 kids)

** I will usually soak the noodles in a big bowl to remove the oil from it and the yellow stuffs which is known as "Ghee" in hokkien. Hmmm.. can't remember the English name for it though...

How to cook?
1) Boil a pot of water and when it is boiling, add in the mushroom stock slowly. Stir and taste the soup base till your preferred taste. Can add some salt if it is not salty enough.

2) I will boil all the veggies, Sotong balls, bean sprouts, sliced mushrooms in the soup an once ready, remove it from the soup base and put aside.

3) boil another pot of water that is enough for noodles. Only throw in the noodles to cook for a good 4 min when it is at the boiling point.
Please remember to only cook the noodles portion by portion. Do NOT throw all in and let it boil. You will end up with soggy noodles usually.

4) Take out the noodles when it is well cook and put into the bowl.

5) Pour the soup into the bowl and start to garnish it with the veggies.

6) Now you are done! Add dashes of White Pepper for the taste! Yummy!
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