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A Delicious KindMoment..
Apr 23rd 2020, 1:10PM
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Vegetarian dry prawn noodles for lunch.

Love this noodles to the max.

How to make?
1) Boiled yellow round noodles (one person serving)

2) beansprouts (boil)
3) coriander leaves (chopped)
4) Boiled Vegetarian Prawn (2pcs and half it)
5) lettuce (2 pcs)
6) fried cabbage (simulate onions)

Sauce for prawn noodles (using metal spoon here)
1) 2 tablespoon of tomatoe sauce
2) 1 tablespoon of vegetarian oyster sauce
3) half table spoon of Sambal Ikan Chilli

🥣 either you boil herbal soup for this prawn noodles or you DIY yourself.

Bring to boil for the following.
1) vegetarian oyster Sauce (1 table spoon)
2) liquid mushroom stock (1 tablespoon)
3) dark soya sauce (half table spoon)
4) white pepper (1 teaspoon)
5) 500ml hot water

How to present your prawn noodles?
✔Mix the sauce in a bowl and pour in the noodles and mixed it well.
✔ Decorate the noodles with lettuce, beansprouts, prawns, "onions" and coriander leaves.
✔ scoop the soup and place in one bowl

You are ready to tuck in!
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