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A Delicious KindMoment..
May 15th 2020, 12:10PM
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Popcorn chicken? Nah.. It is popcorn mushrooms. XL popcorn mushrooms because it is slightly bigger size than the normal bite size.

I add some paprika on it to give some dashes of redness to it.

1) King Oyster mushrooms ×4 ( or up to you)

Step 2-7 is to be placed in a big bowl for easy access.
2) plain flour 2 cups
3) corn floor 1 cup
4) salt (1 tbsp or more depending how salty you want the skin to be)
5) Italian herbs ( 3tbsp)
6) paprika powder (1 tbsp)
7) Black pepper (1 tbsp)

Marinate sauce:
1) light soya sauce 1 cup
2) sesame oil 1.5 tbsp
3) italian herbs (few dashes)

Egg wash:
1) 4 eggs beaten for egg wash and placed in a big bowl. Not plate. It must be bowl.


1) Cut the mushrooms into halves via the length and cut the halves again into another half. So you kind of quarter the mushroom.

2) Cut the strip mushrooms into a 1.5cm thick cube like shape and add into the sauce that you had prepared. Mix thoroughly and let it absorb for 2 minutes and remove the sauce asap to prevent the mushrooms from absorbing too much soya sauce or else it will be salty.

How to cook?

1) Heat up a pot or wok and add the oil till it is enough to cover the mushrooms when frying.

2) Dip the mushrooms into the flour. Let them roll around and be fully covered.

3) Remove them from the bowl and dip into the egg wash. Fully coat them well or 3/4 coated is still acceptable

4) Place them back into the flour mixture and cover nicely n fully with the flour.

5) Once done, put them into the hot wok to fry. FRY at LOW fire. Never go up to high for these popcorns. The max is only medium but I only recommend you to do that when the mushrooms looks slight light yellow.

6) Repeat the steps and do in batches of 10 mushrooms max per time to control the cooking well. This is to ensure the quality of frying and coating is good.

Please take note:

NEVER do all at one time or prepare the mushrooms by doing the steps in one whole shot thinking you are saving time so you set them aside and slowly fry them.

NO. DO NOT DO THAT. By doing this, the flour will be absorb by the egg wash n it will turn gooey and will not taste or look good.
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