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A Delicious KindMoment..
Mar 1st 2021, 8:10PM
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Thanks for the Mala Sensation!

I would never think that Mala goes well with burger since I am a big fan of mala. But @veganburgsg prove me wrong! Their Mala burger is so mala-licious and I love how the combi is. 🥵
They have the golden tots and their yuzu drink goes well with this set.oh ya.. you can seperately buy their golden tots too..

Do you know they have change their menue for easy read so you won't be confused if there are onions or not? They have little icons at the side of the menue that states onion and optional.
🧅Onion icon means the it contains onions amd can't be replace with substitutes.
"OP" means optional and choice of removal of the raw onions and substitute of the sauce without onions is possible.

For those that did not state any of the icons means they are alliums free.

Tried the other burgers such as the Hawaiian Teriyaki and Avocado Beetroot burger and I enjoy the combi of it.
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