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A Delicious KindMoment..
Sep 27th 2022, 7:10PM
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Baked cheesy potatoe! Success!

For potatoes lovers! This is it!

1) mashed potatoes (amount up to you amd season with salt and pepper)
2) Diced stir fry vegetarian bacon ( to be mixed in the mashed potatoes)
3) Egg wash
4) Bread Crumbs
5) Eggs (diced)

1) Shaped the mash into potatoe shape and glazed with egg wash.
2) Roll the shaped potatoes into the bread crumbs and fry till slight golden brown.
3) Cut the potatoe using a small knife and slit it through.
4) Placed diced eggs and mozarella cheese in the slit and baked at 200 degree celsius till the cheese and outer layer of the bread crumbs turns golden brown. I did mine for 8 mins and it turns out well. Do note that different oven had different temperature.
5) Drizzle with mayonaise and your favourite ketchup or chilli sauce.

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