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Vegetarian Big Hug Burger Set
Big Hug Burger   -   Subang Jaya, Selangor
Mar 14th 2015, 5:56PM
SunnyYoNg,  ChelsieThor,  wjingqi  &  4 food lovers like this    

Really a huge burger! Love the crunchy deep fried mushroom patty, with delicious teriyaki sauce and fried egg! Fresh lettuce and tomato slice are just another perfect point of the burger, which help to balance out the guilt of eating all the fried stuff haha XD This is such a cozy cafe where you can easily spend hours hanging out with friends here.
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BluePenguin   Mar 14th 2015 at 6:09PM
This. Is. Super. Duper. Huge! Lol
FatJedi   Mar 14th 2015 at 6:56PM
Love the burger and ambiance there!
PiggyLovesToEat   Mar 19th 2015 at 12:53AM
The food there is really good eh ☺ I miss my Mr. Giant Teddy!
MeiMei   Mar 19th 2015 at 7:45PM
I miss the burger more ahhaha
wjingqi   Mar 19th 2015 at 10:49PM
Me too, we miss the burgers and fries more hahahaha
PiggyLovesToEat   Mar 20th 2015 at 11:43AM
JoeyLee   Apr 10th 2015 at 11:41AM
The patty is made if mushroom only? what other ingredients do they have in the patty! I love mushrooms!
MeiMei   Apr 11th 2015 at 11:03PM
The patty is literally fried mushroom in good that you'll never find it elsewhere!
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