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Franco Pavilion
Pavilion Kuala Lumpu, Pudu
Jun 23rd 2015, 1:29AM
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Awesome! Heavenly! OMG! Truffle mushroom pizza topped with sinful load of cheese and sauteed mushroom. Umami explosion! And the crust is so thin and crunchy like a mille feuille!
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JoeyLee   Jun 23rd 2015 at 4:35PM
This looks good. Did u try their souffle ?
FatJedi   Jun 23rd 2015 at 9:54PM
Wow this looks awesome, must go and try this!
MeiMei   Jun 24th 2015 at 1:39AM
Nope I had the French toast instead ­čśü is souffle good?
JoeyLee   Jun 24th 2015 at 2:08AM
I am not sure haven't tried yet coz I love souffl├ęs n very hard to find places to eat souffl├ęs due to the complicated steps to get a right souffle baked.
MeiMei   Jun 26th 2015 at 11:20AM
Franco is known for souffle so maybe we shud really give it a try one day! ­čśŐ
JoeyLee   Jun 26th 2015 at 11:31AM
Yeah I was there one day but my Fren say soffle is small coz we have had super large one in Hong Kong so this small souffle (standard size) is like not worth it so ended up ordering smth else
MeiMei   Jun 26th 2015 at 12:15PM
Oooo but never try never know ­čśü
JoeyLee   Jun 26th 2015 at 12:44PM
Well I am always up for souffl├ęs. I love souffl├ęs.
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