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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jul 11th 2015, 9:39PM
BluePenguin,  PiggyLovesToEat,  JoeyLee  &  1 food lover like this    
Potato salad made of USA potato, mixed with butter, salt & pepper plus diced Japanese cucumber and lots of herbs. Gravy was instant haha..anyone knows how to make gravy from scratch?
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FatJedi   Jul 12th 2015 at 1:36PM
Can tapau this from the real KFC hahaha!
PiggyLovesToEat   Jul 12th 2015 at 7:08PM
This is mashed potato with salad, not potato salad lol. Potato salad is with mayonnaise 😊
BluePenguin   Jul 12th 2015 at 9:25PM
Gravy can use mushrooms, tapioca starch/arrowroot starch, salt and pepper. :D you can go fancy by adding lemon or orange zest. Heehee
BluePenguin   Jul 12th 2015 at 9:26PM
Another better high protein low carb method would be using chickpea paste, salt, pepper and herbs! NO Starch. Heehee
MeiMei   Jul 13th 2015 at 2:56AM
@siewkhian My fren once make a potato salad like this but with more diced veggie so I always thought it is potato salad when u add diced vege into mashed potato hahaha...
@bluepenguin Thanks for the great idea! I really like chickpea in the form of hummus, simply flavorful on its own!
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