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Raisin' The Roof   -   Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
Apr 3rd 2016, 3:58PM
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Pistachio Wrap with Egg Mayo (add on). The waiter actually sent this wrongly to our table, which we also ordered a wrap. Without knowing it, we actually ate it haha! Half way eating this, we noticed the ingredients inside the wrap is not correct... But the shop apologised and gave this FOC for us, very good service indeed. 👍

This is basically a wrap version of our Pistachio Falafel Salad. So we have two similar dishes lol! Ahhh, feel so full after this meal hehe. Thanks for the beautiful mistake! 😜
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JoeyLee   Apr 3rd 2016 at 5:50PM
Oh I tried this before previously when they had the rm5 Goget deal. Quite nice.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 3rd 2016 at 5:56PM
Oh I didn't know that they have such deal! How did you know about that deal?
FatJedi   Apr 3rd 2016 at 6:35PM
Very nice of the staff, excellent service indeed! The side salad looks so colorful haha
JoeyLee   Apr 3rd 2016 at 7:58PM
It's was a one time promo. Just download Goget app on ur phone to receive notifications. Sometimes they have diffrent promo. Tarts , cakes , cocktails , beer , wraps.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 3rd 2016 at 9:47PM
So you just pay for rm5 for the meal? @Joey
JoeyLee   Apr 3rd 2016 at 10:32PM
It's a wrap I think half of this in pic. Then two chocolate balls delivered to ur doorstep for rm5. I ordered two so it's a meal for me. 😂
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 3rd 2016 at 10:55PM
Oh, so rm5 is the delivery fee. Any discount for the food?
JoeyLee   Apr 4th 2016 at 12:16AM
No rm5 is for food plus delivery. It was promo.
PiggyLovesToEat   Apr 4th 2016 at 11:56PM
Oh that's very worth! Too bad it's only a one time promo.
MeiMei   Apr 6th 2016 at 3:43PM
That salad looks gorgeous! 😍
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