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A Delicious KindMoment..
Sep 20th 2015, 10:39PM
JoeyLee,  MeiMei,  PiggyLovesToEat  &  3 food lovers like this    
Colorful Mexican black bean side dish with capsicum, tomato, onion and rice. I made them in spicy Sri Racha and salsa verde sauce for that extra kick.
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AmandaPan   Sep 20th 2015 at 10:46PM
Good cook!
RahulSharma   Sep 20th 2015 at 10:51PM
Thanks Amanda ☺
WongEeLynn   Sep 21st 2015 at 7:23PM
I love making Southwestern-inspired dishes as well. Let's trade! :D I'll make my famous fiesta taco salad if you'll make this for me :D :D :D
PiggyLovesToEat   Sep 22nd 2015 at 12:22AM
Hehe, you two can exchange dishes!
MeiMei   Sep 22nd 2015 at 12:05PM
I nvr thought of stir frying black bean in my dishes coz i only know it makes good soup haha...thanks for the inspiration!
RahulSharma   Sep 22nd 2015 at 12:08PM
In south east Asia black beans are generally eaten as soup or desserts, to my great surprise. Cuz ever been eating savoury dishes in India from beans as they're great way of getting vegetarian proteins.
PiggyLovesToEat   Sep 22nd 2015 at 12:35PM
Same here @Mei hehe
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