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Medal Mad Cafe   -   Kepong, Kuala Lumpur
Aug 13th 2017, 2:32PM
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The food is nice however not many choices for main course as we come in group. While some of the dishes show in KindMeal pic is actually not vegetarian eg. mushroom soup and Medal Day. However can always ask to replace the meal stuffs if u would like to try. Overall, it's a pleasant experience. I like the oolong rose ice cream 😋
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FatJedi   Aug 13th 2017 at 6:41PM
The food looks very nice! What do you mean mushroom soup is not vegetarian, it has meat inside?
SunnyYoNg   Aug 13th 2017 at 8:09PM
The waitress din mentioned clearly got meat but she said is self made and all blend in so not fit for Vegetarian.
Erika   Aug 13th 2017 at 8:22PM
Oolong rose icecream sounds refreshing!
KindMealAdmin   Aug 14th 2017 at 10:31PM
Thank you for sharing your experience, we will clarify with the restaurant on the meat-free items to prevent any future confusions.
KindMealAdmin   Aug 15th 2017 at 10:25PM
Hi SunnyYong, we have checked with Medal Mad, and it appears to be a miscommunication. The staff actually meant that they blended garlic and onions into the soup, not meat, and that it may not be suitable for Buddhist vegans. There is actually no meat inside the soup at all. Sorry for the confusion!
SunnyYoNg   Aug 15th 2017 at 10:53PM
Thanks so much for the clarification! We did mentioned that we don take onion and garlic, guess that why the waitress said it s not fit us. Once again, thanks!
KindMealAdmin   Aug 15th 2017 at 11:01PM
No problem at all, thank you for supporting KindMeal and hope you continue to enjoy more delicious deals!
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