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A Delicious KindMoment..
Jan 2nd 2022, 4:10PM
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Wow wow wow! It’s unbelievable that I could eat sucha delicious Japanese vegetarian food in my hometown (Batu Pahat)! This restaurant is called 【Otaru Japanese Restaurant】which is a non vegetarian restaurant, but it has a vegetarian menu (no alliums), I believe it is due to the high demand of the local people asking for vegetarian food. Why I highly recommend this? It’s because they really dont "cincai" include vegetarian option in their menu, but they have offer variety of special Japanese vegetarian cuisine. In addition, as long as you tell the waiter/waitress that you are vegetarian, they will recommend you to their vegetarian menu since they get used to vegetarian customers' requirement, hence we do not need to specially request this and that (you know lah if you are vegetarian), this makes me feel very pleasant and warm 😊

In terms of food, the taste and food display are very attractive 👍🏻, just look at the attached photos and "enjoy" 😎 Last but not least, you may ask the waiter/waitress if those non vegetarian menu can be customized into vegetarian too (some that they can make it and some they cant ya) 😏

哇塞哇塞! 在家乡(峇株吧辖)竟然可以吃到这么好料的日本素食料理,太神奇了! 这家名为【小樽日本料理】,是家荤食餐馆,但是有提供素食菜单(无五辛哦),相信是因为当地人吃素的需求量很高才会有这个想法的。为什么小编推荐,是因为这店家真的不是随随便便的卖素食餐点,但是却是很用心研发各式各样的日本素食料理,加上你只要跟店员说你吃素,其实店家都会很熟练地介绍你他们的素食菜单,无需再三交代这个那个的(吃素的你懂的啦🤣),这点让小编觉得吃得安心😊
食物方面,口味和卖相都很非常好👍🏻,大家就看图片“视”吃吧 😎 如果你看到菜单里是荤食,你又想问看有没有素食的版本,可以询问店家看可不可以客制化哦 😏

【小樽日本料理 Otaru Japanese Restaurant】
🏠 96, Jalan Flora Utama 8, Taman Flora Utama, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor
⏳ 1130am-0300pm; 0630pm-1030pm
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