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Bug's Paradise Farm
46692, Jalan Pulau Meranti, Kampung Pulau Meranti, 47120 Puchong
May 25th 2022, 2:10PM
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Hello everyone, today I am going to recommend steamboat again (my frequency of eating steamboat recently really spike up!). This time, I came to this Bug's Paradise Farm in Puchong, which is an open experience concept restaurant under the organic chain BMS Organics.

This place mainly provides vegetarian steamboat, one person per set, RM45 (RM39 if booking via online), with a complentary drink (Jasmine Oatmilk Bubble Tea and Oolong Oatmilk Bubble Tea, I super duper like 😍😍😍). There are not many vegetarian mock meat, mainly are organic vegetables, suitable for friends who like to eat natural vegetables! There are four kinds of soup base for you to choose with unlimited refill ~ pepper, miso, kelp and kimchi, I personally prefer pepper and miso 😎 There are also many sauces with unlimited self service, but if you are a pure vegetarian, you should take note⚠️, some sauces have alliums.

In addition to steamboat, there are also stalls selling vegetarian burgers (VECO Burger) and charcoal baked pizza from Yooky Bites! I think the dining experience here is good, you can sit next to the vegetable farm, surrounding by cute animals/birds, and enjoy the meals with family and friends😊 But a gentle reminder if you go at noon or evening, better wear "thin and cool" clothes😂 There are also organic vegetables and vegetarian/vegetarian products available at the shop, you can go shopping😚
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