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Vegan Burgers & Snacks
VECO Burger   -   Petaling Jaya & 1 Branches
May 3rd 2023, 10:17AM
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Had an amazing fishless fish burger from the most magical little food truck ever. Love the texture and flavour of the burger. Will return soon to try the others. Again, would not have known of Veco Burger if not for Kindmeal.
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KindMealAdmin   May 3rd 2023 at 7:53PM
Thank you for sharing your burgerlicious moment!
FatJedi   May 10th 2023 at 11:05PM
I've been wanting to try their burgers too! Are those patties made by themselves?
WongEeLynn   Jun 4th 2023 at 9:38PM
@FatJedi I think the burger patties are BMS Organics patties cos it’s part of the same company!
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