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Good Food By Gan
Dec 22nd 2018, 8:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    
Easy beetroot smoothie jar 💖

- 1 tbsp Signature Market organic beetroot organic powder
- 3 frozen banana
- Soymilk (made from Signature Market organic soy powder)
☀️Chia pudding
- 2 tbsp organic soy powder
- 6 tbsp water
- 2 tbsp chia seed
- Grapes
- Signature Market Superberries chia seed topper

1️⃣Soaked the chia seed in a jar and keep in the fridge overnight to make pudding.
2️⃣The next morning, blend ingredients for smoothie and pour into the jar.
3️⃣Add toppings and serve! 😍
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