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Good Food By Gan
Mar 5th 2020, 3:10PM
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I really love plain porridge (白粥) and simple side dishes for meal 🥣 I like to make plain porridge with leftover rice. It is a hearty meal and it soothes my stomach.

In fact, porridge is used to promote strong digestion, relieve inflammation and nourish the immune system medicinally for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tips to serve plain porridge:
1️⃣SAVORY SIDE DISHES. For this meal, I stir fried spinach with garlic and shredded carrot with onion. I like to season my side dishes a little more salty for a more flavourful meal.
2️⃣ MAKE IT INTERESTING. I also like to add vegetables into the porridge, such as goji berries, wakame, sweet corn, potato and carrot add a lot of umami and sweetness to it. 3️⃣TOPPINGS. I like to top my porridge with raw ginger, cilantro and scallion. Crispy fried onion and roasted seaweed are great, too. Some people like to add preserved vegetables, too (but I am not a fan of it 🙈)
4️⃣CONDIMENTS. On top of that, good quality soy sauce, white pepper and onion-infused oil are my favourite things to flavour my plain porridge!

While writing this, I am getting hungry already 😋🤣

Hope you find the tips useful! Lets eat more porridge 🥣
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