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Good Food By Gan
Apr 15th 2020, 12:10PM
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I still remember the first time I had fermented soybean stew. It was during my second year in Sabah, I met a Korean couple at the swimming pool. There was an apartment guard trying to warn them not to swim because it was about to rain. They can’t understand Malay so I used my limited Korean (which I learned from drama 🤣) to explain to them.

They were very appreciative of my help, which I didn’t expect. They offered to teach me Korean since they will be staying in Sabah for another month. They invited me to their homestay to enjoy authentic Korean dinner with them. That’s the first time I had this dish, fermented soybean paste stew. The taste was so unique but I immediately fell in love with it 💓

They also taught me how to make kimchi and I even watched Korean news with them (can’t really understand tho 🤣). Before they went back to Korea, I promised I’ll visit them once I have saved up enough money.

It was a beautiful memory for me and I missed them a lot. I guess that’s why I recreated these Korean dishes.

The recipe for this stew is in my video “Homemade Korean Meal” on YouTube. Go check it out
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