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Good Food By Gan
Aug 5th 2020, 3:10PM
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Roti Boy inspired Mexican Coffee Buns ☕️

Snap a photo of them before they enter the oven 🔥

One of my childhood favourite 💕There is a ROTIBOY kiosk in the shopping mall my family always go. Whenever we pass by the kiosk, the buttery coffee aroma from their oven always catch my attention and make me drool 🤤 Rotiboy / Mexican coffee bun - A fluffy and soft sweet bun with butter filling and crusty coffee topping 😋

The other day I passed by their kiosk again and felt kinda sad that they are not vegan! I really miss their bun though 😭

I have been thinking to veganise them so finally got time to do so today From my research, I noticed almost every recipes ask for butter and egg. Butter is easy to be replace since we have many vegan butter brand available but EGG?! How?

Anyway I experimented with the recipe and it turned out so amazing! 🤩

These buns are so delicious you’ve got to try them. Please stay tuned for the video!
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