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Good Food By Gan
Sep 1st 2020, 6:10PM
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盖饭 Rice don made by @lvshi.urbanomad 🍚🍴

Each don is serve with fragrant white rice, three types of organic homemade tofu: soy tofu, seaweed tofu and black bean tofu, together with their signature sauce: ginger wine 姜酒 and fermented soybean 豆瓣酱 that are made with organic ingredients and low heat infused method to preserve the flavour and taste.

The tofu are grilled until slightly crispy on the outside and still moist on the inside. While the sauce is creamy and delicious with a deep and complex flavour.

Alongside with fresh lettuce and cucumber, there are some hidden soaked wakame underneath the tofu which paired really well with it. The combination is simply delicous and really satisfying!

Healthy, flavourful and filling. What a hearty meal 🥰 @lvshi.urbanomad Thanks for putting in so much effort and passion into making healthy and delicious food. Truly inspiring 🌱 Hope to join your pop dinner again very soon ❤
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