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Good Food By Gan
Apr 17th 2021, 1:10PM
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芋角 (yu jiao) aka Fried Taro Dumplings 🔪My first attempt! A staple in dim sum restaurants, taro puffs are golden and lightly crisp on the surface, creamy underneath and bursting with moist meat at the center.

After binge watching so many taro dumplings recipe videos, I was so tempted to make a vegan version one.

The traditional recipe often use pork lard but in this version I am using vegan butter. It turned out really crispy and flaky but the butter flavour is quite overpowering and it covers the taste of the taro.

I am quite happy with the filling. As long as the seasoning is right, any vegan protein will work well I guess so this recipe I am using firm tofu. It turned out moist and yummy!

My elder sister said my taro dumplings taste better than the one she had in other dim sum places so big clap for myself lah!

The only thing I think I will improve is the crust. I would like to try using vegetable shortening as it is has milder flavour and I have seen many videos using it. I am also quite sad that the crust didn't form like what I want it to be - a flaky honeycomb-looking crust 蜂窝状 (feng wo zhuang). That requires a right oil temperature and correct technique to fry the dumplings which I think will be a huge challenge, I have got lots of research to do!
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