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Good Food By Gan
Apr 23rd 2021, 8:10PM
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[RECIPE] Har Gow in Cantonese or in Chinese: 蝦餃 (xiājiǎo) is a traditional Cantonese #dumpling served in dim sum🥟

These shrimp dumplings are transparent and smooth, which allows the pinkish-coloured filling to be seen. Hence it's another name - Crystal Dumplings 水晶饺 💎

Traditionally, ha gow should have at least 12-13 pleats imprinted on its wrapper. The skin must be thin and translucent, yet be sturdy enough not to break when picked up with chopsticks🥢 It should be soft but not sticky.

This is indeed a difficult recipe. It is said that a professional #dimsum chef must mastered this dish in order to be recognised 👨‍🍳

This is my #vegan take on this dim sum. Not a professional dim sum chef but I am trying to show you that it's possible and make it #easy for everyone to try making it at home 😉

Grab the recipe now:
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