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Good Food By Gan
Jun 11th 2021, 3:10PM
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Vegan Chili Crab 🦀🌶

Requested by some of you (Am I a recipe genie? 🧞‍♀️), I have finally veganised this dish! Experimented this recipe so many times that my mum actually begged me not to make it again but thank God I didn't give. The final versionwas sooo good that everyone lick their fingers and told me to make again 🤣

Chili crab is traditionally made of mud crab stir-fried in a sweet, spicy and savory ketchup-based sauce. I veganised the sauce with homemade sambal and a tiny bit of taucu to replace belacan. It's getting really close to the non-vegan version! 😋

I didn't aim to recreate something looks like a crab but something that taste similar. I remembered grilling enoki and it tasted like crab (seriously!!!!) so I made my vegan crab with enoki. Fried enoki is crispy and juicy, which pairs perfectly with the sauce.🤤

Where to find the recipe? 🔎
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