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Good Food By Gan
Sep 9th 2021, 3:10PM
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Mooncakes festival is coming soon 🌕 I am sharing with you a traditional Cantonese Baked Mooncakes 广式月饼 recipe 🥮 PLUS a healthier version (with non-refine sugar and coconut oil!).

Here are some important tips I gathered from my own mistakes (so you don't have to!)

⏰This recipe takes time so plan ahead.
🥮The mooncake mold that I used make a 50g mooncake, 15g of dough and 35g of filling. If you find it difficult to wrap, use 20g of dough and 30g of filling instead. Try to measure the weight as precisely as possible to make sure all mooncakes have consistent size and shape, I recommend getting a weighing scale for this recipe.
🧤Wear plastic/latex gloves to prevent the dough from sticking to your hand and help stuffing the filling easily.
😴Resting the dough is important, it helps the dough it get flexible to wrap the filling. However, over-rested dough can break easily when baked.
🔪Use a pastry brush instead of silicon brush to brush your egg wash for the best result. Silicon brush has larger bristles which can add too much egg wash on your mooncake. This will affect the appearance of your final product.

For the full recipe, notes and video
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