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Raw Chef Yin
Apr 5th 2017, 2:10PM
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I remember as a kid I would stare longingly at the Ice Cream Sandwich snacks sold during recess time by the ice cream man that came to the school compound area in his motorbike. I used to bring food from home so I wasn't given much money for food and never really got to buy it. Once in a blue moon, Daddy would treat us to it and I still remember the happiness that the Ice Cream Sandwich gave us. We would have to all share just one block of the sandwich which would be cut into four pieces. My sis would almost always complain her piece was not exactly a quarter.

In a way I'm glad we didn't have a chance to eat too much of that now that I know what actually goes into those snacks.

And now as a raw food chef, I'm glad I have the knowledge on how to make these treats in a much healthier manner. No refined sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no added preservatives or colouring. Made from wholesome ingredients instead (including cacao nibs from @bigtreefarmsbali and nuts, seeds and dates from Love Nuts) and made with a lot of love.
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