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Raw Chef Yin
Sep 20th 2018, 6:10PM
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Chocolate Haystacks.

I told @gan_goodfood I’d try to make a raw vegan dessert for the Veggie Burger workshop at @a_bit_less as that would be the best way to introduce a raw vegan dish!🍫

Have been wanting to make these chocolate haystacks for a few days already so since I woke up really early on Sunday morning, I proceeded to make them. It’s pretty straightforward actually. This recipe is actually by Judita Wignall, I just tweaked it a bit.

⏺️66g cacao powder
⏺️120ml Masarang Arenga Forest Sugar syrup (mix 7 parts of sugar to 3 parts of filtered water and heat at 45 degrees Celsius and mix till it becomes a syrup) from Straits Wholefoods
⏺️60 ml melted coconut oil + cacao butter - I didn’t really measure how much, I did a mixture of coconut oil and cacao butter since coconut oil melts too easily in this hot Malaysian weather
⏺️Tiny pinch of pink Himalayan salt
⏺️160g Bob’s Red Mill unsweetened & unsulfured flaked coconut

Melt coconut oil and cacao butter. Place in blender with syrup, cacao powder, salt and blend till smooth. Pour over flaked coconuts and mix till well-coated. Place haystacks onto parchment paper and freeze in freezer for at least 30 mins. ENJOY!😎😀

Visit http://rawjudita.blogspot.com/2013/05/raw-simple-chocolate-haystacks.html for the original recipe.
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