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Raw Chef Yin
Dec 1st 2018, 8:10PM
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Spirulina Tart (raw vegan) by #RawChefYin.😍

Since I had some leftover cashews from the workshop, I decided to make this. People keep thinking raw vegan food tastes yucky. It can be, depending on who makes it. It can also be beautiful, taste delicious and nourish your body at the same time.πŸ˜‹πŸ’š

βœ”οΈCrust was made with hazelnuts from @zenxinorganicfoodkl
βœ”οΈNaturally sweetened with our very local brand @gulamelts which features our Malaysian coconut palm.
βœ”οΈI used spirulina powder from @organiculesuperfoods to give it this unique green colour. Also sprinkled some of Organicule's hemp hearts on top as well.

Had a small slice for dessert last night and another small slice for breakfast this morning. No eggs, no milk, no cream and yet it's extremely delightful. Please, please, please don't think raw vegan food is yucky!
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