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Healthy Personal Salad
Salad Atelier   -   Kuala Lumpur & 4 Branches
Jan 12th 2019, 3:10PM
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#RawChefYin visits Salad Atelier!

Since I was going to @shauryspices to buy some spices in Damansara Uptown, thought I'd check out Salad Atelier as I haven't been there before although Mr Jazz Guitarist has been to the one in Avenue K.

We wanted to use the KindMeal.my meal deal which gives us: 🐼Panda Size:

1 base ➕ 6 main ➕ 2 supplementary ➕ 2 dressing. Normal price is RM18.90 per salad so after the KindMeal discount we paid RM32.05 with SST.

It was a bit confusing to figure out what were the vegan friendly options though although the staff there did try hard to let us know. So we just chose what we thought would be vegan and also told them no milk, no eggs, no butter. UGH, I forgot to let them know no honey as well. 😩

Anyways, the next day I wrote to their Facebook page to find out what the vegan options were and also asked if in future they can include it on their forms for easy reference. In the meantime, I have also suggested that they put up the vegan options list online on their website so we can refer to it.👍

Meanwhile, here's what they've advised:

Mains - do not order pumpkin, boiled egg, cheddar cheese, scrambled egg, croutons, nachos chip
Supplementary - avoid all type of cheese, beef bacon, Cajun fish, chicken bratwurst, kurage, poached chicken and sautéed mushroom
Dressing - please avoid blue cheese, Caesar, green goddess, honey yogurt, ranch, samba dressing, thousand island, and wasabi yogurt.

☑️You can select the following dressings:
Balsamic vinaigrette, Thai dressing, Sesame Dressing, french dressing and extra virgin oil + balsamic vinaigrette as these don't contain dairy and honey.
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