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Raw Chef Yin
Mar 13th 2019, 3:10PM
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Intro To Raw Vegan Desserts Course by #RawChefYin - Day 2

This is a private one-on-one session where I guide you how to make beautiful, delicious raw desserts which have no white flour, no white sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colouring. These are desserts which are full of nutrients, made with fresh & healthy ingredients, and filled with superfoods.

This is a course that I personalised for Good Food by Gan where she chose the desserts from a list so that she would get to make exactly what she wants.

Day 2 session included:
1. How to make the cultured cheese as the base for the cake
2. Different kinds of fermentation aids to culture vegan nut cheese
3. How to make the crust for cheesecake
4. How to make filling for cheesecake
5. How to make topping for cheesecake

• Use different nuts and seeds to create a healthy cake base
• Create delicious and healthy cake fillings with multiple layers
• Use agar-agar to ensure the cake doesn’t melt
• How to create beautiful swirls on your cake
• Create interesting and exciting new flavours after mastering the basic formula for raw vegan cakes

• Basic formula for making a chia pudding so you can create a multitude of flavours
• Various ways and ingredients to sweetening your pudding naturally without any refined sugar
• How to take your chia pudding to the next level by introducing different textures
We also popped by our favourite vegan cafe to have a delicious vegan lunch and for dinner, we had veganised Thai food!

Congratulations to Gan for successfully completing this 2-day intensive course. She's already applying what she's learnt in her new desserts. Well done!!
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