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Raw Chef Yin
Apr 21st 2019, 3:10PM
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Eggs Benedict (raw vegan) by #RawChefYin.

Eggs were the hardest thing to give up when I decided to become vegan. For most people it's cheese but for me it was eggs. I loved hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, sunny side up, omelettes, you name it, I loved it. But now I never want to eat eggs ever again. Not only are they high in cholesterol and full of steriods and is associated with increased cancer risk (for those wondering where I got this info from, please check Dr Gregers Nutritionfacts website for the data to back this up - ) but innocent male chicks are ground to death because we humans want to eat eggs.

I don't really miss eggs anymore but yesterday Mr Jazz Guitarist requested that I make him some vegan eggs Benedict after seeing the thumbnail of @avantgardevegan 's YouTube video. So I watched the vid and figured I could try making a raw vegan version. This is the result! You can view @azsamad's reaction to eating it in my stories highlights.

Here's what I used:

2 cups oats
1⁄4 cup buckwheat flour from @bobsredmill
1⁄4 cup psyllium husk
2 tablespoons flaxseeds from @bobsredmill
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon Rainbow Vitality Enzyme from @straitswholefoods
2 tablespoons Masarang Arenga Forest Sugar syrup from @straitswholefoods

Walnut milk by @farmerly.com.my
Coconut oiil
Mustard powder
Nutritional yeast
Kala namak
Turmeric powder
Coconut flour from Bob's Red Mill

Kala namak
Irish Moss Gel
Organic soy sauce from@tais_choice_kitchen delivered by @everleafstoremalaysia

Daun pegaga kampung
Cherry tomatoes

Rice paper bacon -- see previous posts on how I used @epivegan recipe but dehydrated them in my @excaliburdehydrator instead of baking
Coconut bacon
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