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Vwrap Café   -   Subang Jaya, Selangor
Jan 20th 2020, 3:10PM
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Raw Chef Yin visits V Wrap in Sunway Geo!

We ate:
1. Herbal Rice RM10.90
2. Curry Rice RM10.90 (request for no milk)
3. Sunshine Salad RM13.90 (note the dressing has eggs, and it comes with eggs - so avoid this if you’re vegan, the non-vegan ate this)
4. Harumaki wrap RM9.90
5. Eggplant Wrap RM9.90
6. Hot water

We used the Kindmeal Meal Deal coupon to get 15% discount.

This is a vegetarian cafe. The dishes with eggs are clearly marked, however the menu doesn’t indicate which items have dairy - so be sure to check.

Also, I've been told by a fellow vegan this "Some fried stuff like the burger patties have no indication of containing eggs but when i checked with the staff, they confirmed those and some items use egg batter to fry in. I learned then not to depend solely on the menu for egg/dairy free indications." I've given them this feedback, will see if they can update their menu accordingly...

The place is nice and clean and the staff were very accommodating to our vegan requests as well.

Parking was a bit hard to find though since we were there on a Tuesday for lunch. Wonder if it’s easier on the weekends?

If you’re vegan, do remind them NOT to put any dressing on the side salads that come with the rice. The dressing contains eggs. We had to ask them to change it for us as we had already stated we choose not to eat eggs and I’m also allergic to eggs.

I could taste and see mayo on the wraps, and I was a bit worried it contained eggs but they double checked with the kitchen and said there’s none. If I do go back again, I think I’d play it safe and request for no mayo…
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