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Raw Chef Yin
Jan 26th 2020, 3:10PM
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KUNG PAO TEMPEH WITH MALA CASHEWS (RAW VEGAN FUSION) - I tried out a recipe by my friend Chef Sabrina of @straitsroadkitchen!

Since I still had a bit of raw vegan hoisin sauce (see my previous post), I thought Iโ€™d try out this recipe by Sabrina as well. I made 2 portions of the Mala Activated Cashews as I expected to be โ€œstealingโ€ some from my @excaliburdehydrator while waiting for them to dehydrate. Plus itโ€™s something that Mr Jazz Guitarist would love and heโ€™d ask for more.

Plus this was a great chance to use the artisinal naked @mu.soysauce for both the Mala Activated Cashews as well as the Kung Pao tempeh.

I love this dish - do visit her website as Sabrina describes the process and the thinking behind the dish in detail.

TIP: If youโ€™ve just started on your vegan journey, tempeh is a great meat substitute. Itโ€™s traditionally made from fermented soybeans but there are also other versions of tempeh made with chickpeas, black beans, lentils and so much more. I teach how to make tempeh from scratch from time to time - and this year I hope to be able to create a course on it so that those of you who are unable to attend my live workshops are still able to learn how to make tempeh! Stay tuned .
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