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Raw Chef Yin
Feb 9th 2020, 8:10PM
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Don’t you miss meat? This is a question I get all the time. For me, I don’t miss the meat but I do miss the flavours that come with a meat dish. For example, claypot chicken rice. I never really liked eating the chicken, I actually just enjoy eating the rice. So I decided to make a vegan dish that has the same flavours that I enjoy.

This wasn’t actually cooked in the claypot, I just used my Thermomix as it’s so much easier.

Cook black & red rice in the Thermomix, set at 20 minutes
After 10 mins, add sliced portobello mushroom & tempeh

Whisk the ingredients below to create a yummy sauce:
~ Minced ginger
~ @mu.soysauce Black Bean
~ @mu.soysauce Organic Bean
~ @mu.soysauce Organic Tauchu
~ Sesame Oil
~ Masarang Arenga Forest Sugar
~ Shaoxing Wine
~ White Pepper

When rice, mushrooms and tempeh are cooked, mix in the sauce. Top with red chilli flakes and curry leaves (coz there are 2 plants downstairs).

Thank you Mu Artisan Soy Sauce for the flavour-packed sauces and tauchu. Gave it the umami boost without having to use meat.

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