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Raw Chef Yin
Apr 19th 2020, 6:10PM
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CRACKERS (raw vegan)🌽🌽
For those who missed the IG Live session, you can watch it on my YouTube channel or my Facebook Videos page - search for Raw Chef Yin. I tried to upload the video on IGTV but it just wouldn’t go up. The video shows you how to make crispy, healthy, delicious corn crackers (or maybe they should be fritters). 😁

The original recipe is in my recipe eBook FUN WITH ASIAN RAW FOOD --> click the link in my profile page if you’d like to buy it and support my work. 🙏

In this version, I’ve decided to use assorted microgreens from The Farm Asia. Why? Because microgreens are high in nutrients, have interesting flavours and textures, and their colours make the crackers look vibrant and appealing. 🌱🌱

Since I’m using the @excaliburdehydrator to turn the mixture into crackers on very low heat (45 Celsius) - you will still benefit from all the nutrients in the ingredients. 👍

Urban Farmer @ck2y also makes an appearance in this Live session to talk more about microgreens and why you should have them at every meal. 🙌

~ Fresh corn kernels from 3 corn cobs
~ ½-inch fresh ginger
~ ½-inch fresh turmeric root
~ 1 red chilli, roughly chopped
~ 1 shallot
~ 1 garlic clove
~ A handful of The Farm Asia microgreens - sunflower shoots, sweet pea shoots, beetroot
~ Pinch of kala namak (Himalayan black salt), can be substituted with any organic salt
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