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Jun 29th 2020, 6:10PM
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Dinner = California Salad. Part of my culinary school assignment.

My thoughts:
Ooooh, I’m so loving the harissa vinaigrette! Well, mine wasn’t made from harissa but I still love it. This salad was full of flavour bombs. In fact, the first bite reminded me of the flavours I experienced in Plant, Food & Wine (both Venice & NYC) and also XYST. I’m like heyyyyyyy this tastes like the MKC food I had in February! Yummmmmmmmms!

The subs:

I can’t find beluga lentils so I sprouted mung beans instead.

For the greens, I used kai lan since it’s also known as Chinese Kale and some four angled beans coz that’s what’s available from the local farmer :)

I don’t have harissa (only found learnt about harissa after attending MKC) but I did have 2 different kinds of sambals in my fridge so I used that and it tasted fantastic. Also, I find olive oil a bit strange tasting so I subbed with coconut oil instead. No sherry vinegar so subbed with balsamic vinegar.

Butternut squash is very, very, very expensive in Kuala Lumpur so I used sweet potatoes instead.

My avocado looked really UGLY! I need to level up my avo fanning skillz
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