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Aug 10th 2020, 3:10PM
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I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a choux farci before so I wasn’t quite sure what flavours to aim for. Altho I have eaten a Chinese stuffed cabbage dish before which I never really enjoyed coz it doesn’t seem very exciting. I watched a few French videos on YouTube to see how others make it as well to try and understand this dish better :) Interesting to see how the anime world mentions Choux Farci a lot.

I used red cabbage . But because the red cabbage is very tough even after blanching for one minute, I had to boil it again for the second time so that I could fold it into place.

For the Farci, I used:
Garlic cloves
White wine
Dried sage
Mix of red rice & brown rice as my barley didn’t arrive
1Tbs White truffle oil
Truffle salt
Black pepper
Almond meal

(I was so tempted to put in some curry powder, but had to resist coz this is NOT an Asian dish, hahahaha)

FOR THE VEGETABLE DEMI GLAZE I adapted to use what I had with me including:
Red Beet
dried thyme
1 Bay leaf

FOR THE FINISHING DEMI, since I didn’t have xantham gum with me, I blended up the veggies from the stock to make it into a thick sauce. And then I added some leftover avocado mousse to make it creamy. Canned truffles are USD30 per tiny can here in Malaysia 🇲🇾, so I took a small piece of shiitake from the infused tamari and minced that instead to make it look like truffle peelings. After all, the shiitake had soaked up a lot of the tamari and had loads of flavour.

I served it to Mr Jazz Guitarist @azsamad and he said it looked and tasted really fancy. He asked whether this was dish served to the aristrocrats?

I can totally see this can be made raw vegan with a few switchups and fermenting the cabbage leaves so it’s nice and soft. Fascinating 😃😃😃
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