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Aug 23rd 2020, 3:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

My submission to @foodfutureinstitute: I love jackfruit! I live in a country where jackfruit is commonly used in cooking. Super happy to see jackfruit as the main ingredient here. Unfortunately we are still in a somewhat partial lockdown and my online delivery service doesn’t supply jackfruit.

Also, because I’m limited to only a Thermomix, dehydrator and a toaster oven, I made this raw vegan as well.

For the crab cake I used:
- shimeji mushrooms
- Tomato, small dice
- Red bell pepper, small dice
- leek
- Old Bay Seasoning
- Black pepper, ground
- cashew yogurt
- Hatcho miso
- Golden Flaxseeds, ground

I was half thinking of trying to use banana peel as a replacement for jackfruit but that would take up a lot of prep time. Plus shimeji mushrooms have a sea smell to it which works great for a vegan crab cake. 🍄

It’s funny coz I’ve eaten loads and loads of crab cake during my work trips to the US before I became vegan and before I was a chef and I never really liked it. I was pescetarian for a long time, so that’s what I was served when the rest of my colleagues would be having steak but I never understood the fascination with crab cakes. It’s still not my favourite thing but my boyfriend loves crab cakes so this was a fun thing to make. 😃

What really stood out for me is how the remoulade is a very nice and “cooling” contrast to the crab cake. A good lesson in contrasting tastes which will surprise and delight your brain - I guess that’s why people like this dish?❓

👨‍🏫Feedback from my instructor:
Your crab cake appears to be exactly what we are looking for. It has the crunch on the outside and the moistness on the inside that provides that balanced texture when eating. The filling should be chunky which also brings the dish a great tooth feel with every bite. Amazing work on your dish here!
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