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Raw Chef Yin
Aug 29th 2020, 1:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

My submission to @foodfutureinstitute:

I never really liked terrines but this recipe has totally changed my mind. I can see lots of possibilities now, playing around with local Malaysian dishes and turning them all into terrines ;)

Some of the substitutions:
✅Sprouted mung beans instead of beluga lentils
✅Orange sweet potato and carrot instead of beets
✅Choy sum instead of beet leaves
✅Didn't have a terrine mould so I used my bento box 😃

👨‍🏫Instructor Feedback:👨‍🏫
In this dish, we must think about layering the flavors and the seasoning in each component of the terrine is crucial. Using sprouted grains gives it the crunch we are looking for here and the flavor profile comes from the seasoned beets and the concentrated stock that is seasoned well. ( here you can be diverse and add seasoning to your liking). It is also important to season the blanched leaves as well for combined depth. The mustard can be pungent as it cuts the viscosity of the terrine and adds a punch to this dish. I like to serve it with quick vegetable pickles which bring some acidity and goes well with these flavor profiles. Awesome work here! This looks delicious
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