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Raw Chef Yin
Nov 17th 2020, 3:10PM
Like this delicious KindMoment!    

My submission of my assignment to @foodfutureinstitute:

β€œI used all-purpose flour as I couldn't find the flours listed out in the recipe.
No pasta machine so I rolled everything by hand!
No butternut squash either as it wasn't in the grocery PDF list (which I understand has now been updated) so I subbed with orange sweet potato instead.
No pastry cutter so I used a pizza cutter. I also have this cake cutter which I tried to use to create the wavy cuts ;)
My agnolotti wasn't sealed properly after cutting with the pizza cutter. Can you offer tips on how to make sure it's sealed when cut? Or is it because I didn't have the right equipment and needed a fluted pastry cutter?
No sage, so substituted with microgreens.
I used a basil butter, hence the green instead.”

🌟Instructor Feedback🌟
β€œFantastic work! Yin, I'm sorry you are having trouble finding all these things for these couple of modules. Working with activated charcoal can be very messy, that's why a good cleanliness in the kitchen is essential! You seem to have done great! Yes, the cutter is important to seal them, but I like to use a little water on my fingertips (just as if I was making dumplings ;), to help with sealing). Despite your challenges the agnolotti look like they remained closed, with just the right amount of filling. Lovely substitution of the sage with the micro greens. What a delight!”
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