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Raw Chef Yin
Jun 6th 2021, 1:10PM
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🌿🌿🌿I sent Mr Jazz Guitarist to get me some homemade gochugaru but alas, they had run out. So I thought it’d be fun to get some perilla leaves to add to my meals.

I asked for suggestions on what to make with them and @lil.jupiteresc
suggested Ssambap so here you go!

Note: this is totally non-traditional. I’m just using whatever ingredients I have with me to make it yummmmeh!

✅Perilla leaves marinated in kimchi liquid (see my previous Reel vid 📽️on Easy Vegan Kimchi)
✅Brown rice + berry rice
✅Steamed pumpkin
✅@my.blue.tea ginger dayak crisps
✅Lemon zest
✅@thefarmasia Microgreens
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