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Raw Chef Yin
Oct 9th 2021, 7:10PM
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That moment when you make raw vegan thosai served with a green chutney which is low-fat AND oil-free.

We used to frequent the mamak just across the street because it’s such a Malaysian thing to do. The guys there all recognised us as vegetarian (they don’t know what is vegan but they understand vegetarian + no milk) and they always point out which are the dishes that we can eat.

Part of me misses eating there with the cats.

Another part of me always hated the cigarette smoke (even though the other customers aren’t allowed to smoke and there’s a huge no-smoking sign but over here in KL the smokers don’t care), so I’m glad I’m no longer forced to breathe in their second-hand smoke.

But I do miss hanging out at the mamak with my friends...

So...you make your own thosai lor….

And you make it raw vegan lor....

Hands up those who miss hanging out the mamak over thosai, chutney and dhall?
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