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Raw Chef Yin
Feb 28th 2022, 7:10PM
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Trying to get in 1 pound of greens a day… that’s about 450g. I hit 300g of leafy greens in this salad thanks to @diamondgreensbydsa. Yay! Check them out if you’re in the Klang Valley for organically grown veggies that are super fresh.

For this salad I added in some pink dragon fruit. And I found 4 butterfly pea flowers during my morning walk, so that went into the salad too.

4 Dino Kale Leaves
Yee Pak Choy
King Pak Choy
Celtuce (total of 300gm leafy greens)
3 roselle - all the above from @diamondgreensbydsa
Mung bean sprouts
4 Butterfly pea flowers
Pink Dragon Fruit
@Happygrow Microgreens - broccoli, radish
Napa cabbage kimchi
Red cabbage kimchi

5 roselle
1 knob Bentong ginger
1 teaspoons shiro miso
2 teaspoon @mu.soysauce
2 tablespoons hemp hearts
1 tablespoon sunflower seeds
5 rabbi dates
1/2 Thai chilli (lacto-fermented)
1 cup water from hibernating water kefir grains (for some acidity)
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