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Raw Chef Yin
Mar 16th 2022, 4:10PM
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Trying out a recipe in a project I'm working on which is salt-free and sugar-free. I failed, LOL! My tastebuds craved for the authentic Thai taste...

I was hoping the lime would give it the kick and the tomatoes would be salty enough but not enough for me. In my version, I'd add coconut nectar, miso and seaweed.

But it was a good experiment 🙂

1 green papaya
3 tomatoes
Thai basil
Thai chili
Poh choy stems (coz I don’t have long beans)
Juice Of 1 Lime
4 walnuts, chopped

This is a clean version of the Thai Green Papaya Salad.

No salt, no sugar.

Eeeks! I have to admit this is NOT the way I remember having it in Thailand. In the end, I added in some papaya lox to give it more flavour coz I found it hard eating without the umami and sweetness.
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