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Raw Chef Yin
Dec 19th 2022, 2:10PM
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🔥Got some rambutans yesterday from the pakcik at my local neighbourhood fruit stall and decided I wanted to add them onto my salad to give sweetness and moisture.

Also used 300g of leafy greens for the salad. It’s not 450g coz I don’t have that much greens, waiting for my delivery tomorrow.

🌱Green coral lettuce
🌱Siew pak choy
🌱Purple kale
🌱Daun kaduk
🌱Fresh jackfruit
🌱Goji berries
🌱Red Thai chili
🌱Green Thai chili
🌱Arame seaweed
🌱Brazil nut
🌱Mool kimchi
🌱Mung bean sprouts 👉👉 the upcoming Plant-Based Bundle has an online course on how to sprout and grow microgreens by @rawnattyn8
🌱Green lentil sprouts
🌱Cherry tomatoes
🌱Red cabbage
🌱Aloe vera

✅Nacho cheese sauce - recipe in the upcoming Plant-Based Bundle. In fact, the bundle will also feature eBook “The Sauce Book” which has all raw vegan sauces, dips and dressings for you.
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