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Raw Chef Yin
Apr 17th 2023, 7:10PM
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🌱Vegan Food Adventures with Raw Chef Yin featuring Sopoong at KL East Mall🌱

Since we went to KL East Park for a really nice hike, we decided to have lunch at KL East Mall.
I think there are around 3 places that I saw we could possible eat - Banana leaf rice at Banana Bro, Thai Food at Absolute Thai or Korean food at Sopoong.

I was craving for Korean, so we decided on Sopoong.
Also, their menu says that “Vegetarians are always welcomed” so I figured they could veganise some of the vegetarian dishes?

I wrote to Sopoong on Facebook to ask if they could offer vegan dishes but there was no reply.
Then I wrote to them on Instagram to ask, also no reply.

So we just asked when we arrived and they said they could make it.
Their kimchi contains fish sauce though so we couldn’t try it.

We had:
✅Dolsot Bibimbap (Vegetable) RM19.50
✅Japchae RM18.50
✅Gimbap RM14.50
Subtotal 52.50
Service Charge (10%): 5.25
Service Tax (6%) 3.15
TOTAL: RM60.90

Unfortunately there’s no banchan as all of them contained animals or animal products. They initially gave us the ones which were vegetarian but it looked a bit suspicious with white stuff on it and so I asked again and they said it was mayo. We had to explain to them that mayo contains eggs so they took it away.

I enjoyed the Japchae and the Gimbap a lot.

The bibimbap was ok but I felt it lacked flavour and I didn’t quite like the sauce that came with it. I wished I brought my own gochujang sauce with me 😉

Can someone tell me please where to find really good Korean vegan food??
Thank you!!

I miss the vegan Korean restaurants in Singapore.
LG-38 & LG-39
KL East Mall, 823, Jalan Lingkaran
Tengah 2, KL Timur, 53100 Kuala
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